Welcome to American Martial Arts Academy Black Belt Club!(Invitation only)

Discipline is a habit and it determines our success in life.

Make your commitment to become a member of AMAA Black Belt Club today!    

It is more than a program; it is a life transforming experience!


Black Belt Club is an affiliation, of those students, who want to go the extra mile on their journey toward Black Belt at AMAA and beyond. It is considered a “Jr. Elite Program” .   It takes commitment and perseverance from both the parents and students in order to get the maximum learning experience while in the program.

As instructors and staff, we are dedicated to provide you with all of the following:

1)    A positive and hardworking training environment

2)    A quality experience within the BBC program and its events

3)    An opportunity to grow better as a martial artist and an elite competitor

Being a BBC member also gives your child/children the opportunity to participate in tournaments (that are BBC students only) and gain competition experience. Please understand that we compete to learn, not to just win. I want students to learn how to win humbly and lose gracefully. Because of this mentality, students will be able to mentally deal with winning and losing situations in real life situations. Tournament experience will teach them more than just how to participate in a tournament, I want students to learn all the different values competition provides.

BBC member are eligible for Demo team selection. Those students who show not only great skill, but also a respectful and disciplined attitude may be eligible to be invited to AMAA/MDK Demo team. Please help them to work hard to achieve the next goal.

If your child is 11 years and older, he or she is eligible to be invited to Leadership Club. Traditionally, Taekwondo has been a leadership program for 2000 years in Korea. In order for you to be in the leadership program, a student must meet two criteria;

 1) Superior skill in martial arts (or a hard working attitude),

 2) A positive character, who can influence others in a positive way, a good role model.

We value this tradition and are dedicated to provide the leadership program for all the future leaders of America.