Demo team structure

The AMAA-Naperville Demonstration Team has been invited to perform at several big events:

2014 IL State Taekwondo Championship Opening Ceremony, Chicago, IL
2015 IL State Taekwondo Championship Opening Ceremony, Naperville, IL
2017 Show Me Cup Taekwondo Championship Opening ceremony, St. Louis, MO
2017 Taekwondo Demo Team Festival, Oswego, IL

The Demo Team also competes in national-level demonstration competitions:

2011 U.S. Open International Taekwondo Hanmadang, Chicago, IL
2017 ATU National Taekwondo Championships, Orlando, FL

Demo Team program features & benefits include:

– Demo Team members are selected from current active BBC members
– The selections are done throughout the year
– Additional training is provided

Demo Team at 2017 Show Me Cup

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